Action Descriptions: Display Form

To display a form to the end user, add a Display Form action. Many Presentation Designer events already have the Display Form action inserted at the end of the event by default, but you may want to add others, particularly to conditional events as part of decision branches or loops. To access this action in the Event editor, choose the Basics button from the Actions list.

Note When the execution thread of an event reaches a Display Form action, the event will finish. This is true even when the Display Form action is in a branch or loop.

Display Form Procedures

Display Form Properties

Property Description
Display Host Screen Form From any of the navigated screens on any connected host, select the host and (optional) screen that you want to display. (If you leave the setting at <unknown>, the host application determines the screen to display.)
Note Selecting a specific screen improves performance and enables the Assign Form Inputs button.
Display User-defined Form Select the user-defined form that you want to display.
Reload This option becomes available if you decide to display the same form to which you are adding an event. Select this option if you want to:
  • force the form to reload in the user's browser, instead of just showing the form again
  • ensure, if user actions or other events have changed loaded data, that this event interacts with current data, including inputs assigned with the Assign Form Inputs dialog box

For more information about the difference between loading and showing a form, see Adding Events to Forms, Overview.

Assign Form Inputs Displays a dialog box, from which you can assign any eligible data to be sent to a specified form control when that form is displayed by your Display Form action.
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