Action Descriptions: Assignment

To make a data element available to use as input or output at any point in your application, assign it to a global variable using the Assignment action. To access this action in the Event editor, choose the Basics button from the Actions list.

Assignment Procedures

Assignment Example

One possible way to use this action would be to assign users' account numbers to a global variable in a banking application. If your application accesses multiple databases for multiple hosts, you could use the assigned global variable as input, instead of forcing the users to retype their account number.

In this example, on the form containing the text field where the users type their account number, you could add an Assignment action to an On Form Submit event. You could then create a new global variable called AccountNumber, and map that to the text field on the form.

Assignment Properties

Property Description
Assign Global Variables Displays a dialog box from which you can create new global variables, or assign new values to existing global variables.
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