Modifying Visual Basic 6 Applications to Work with Reflection Desktop

If your Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) application was created for use with Reflection version 14.1 or earlier or EXTRA! X-treme version 9.1 or earlier, you may need to modify your project to run your application with newer versions of Reflection (Reflection 2011, Reflection 2014, or Reflection Desktop 16.x).

1.0 Errors associated with Early-bound OLE Automation

If you have developed a Visual Basic (VB) application that uses early binding with prior versions of the Reflection or EXTRA! Type Libraries, you may see one of the following errors when attempting to build or run the project with Reflection Desktop 16.x, Reflection 2014 or Reflection 2011:

Compile error: Can't find project or library


This is an unsupported session instance.

The VB References dialog may also display one of the following messages (where n.n is a version number):

Missing: Reflection for IBM n.n Object Library


Missing: Attachmate EXTRA! n.n Object Library

NOTE:These symptoms do not occur with scripts and applications that access the Reflection or EXTRA! COM object using version-independent late binding CreateObject() calls and do not reference the type library information (such as constant enum names).

2.0 Solution

To enable your VB project to run with Reflection Desktop 16.x, Reflection 2014 or Reflection 2011 (with early binding), make the following changes.

  1. Modify Reflection or EXTRA! namespace references in your code as follows:

    Change Reflection.Session to ReflectionCOM.Session. For example:

    ribm = New ReflectionCOM.Session

    Change EXTRA to EXTRACOM. For example:

    sys = New EXTRACOM.ExtraSystem

  2. In the project References dialog, use ReflectionCOM or EXTRACOM as appropriate. Be sure to remove the reference to the missing object library.

  3. Re-compile your project code.

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