Import Migrated Settings

The first time you X Manager or X Manager for Domains, your legacy settings are migrated and saved to a definition file and the Import Templates and Migrated Settings is displayed. This dialog box does not display again. Use this procedure to import migrated settings you did not select during the initial startup.

To import migrated settings from a definition file:

  1. From X Manager or X Manager for Domains, click File > Import.
  2. Browse to your Windows user profile folder to locate the definition file that contains your migrated settings. The definition file name identifies the product and version whose settings were migrated.

    On most Windows operating systems the default location is:

    On Windows XP, the default location is:
    \Documents and Settings\<user>\.attachmate\rx\migration\

  3. In the Import Definitions dialog box, click clear all selections in the current category to select all the definitions.
  4. Click Import.