Export and Import Definitions

Reflection X Advantage stores your client and session settings in a database. Using the Export/Import Definitions features in Reflection X Advantage, you can share your private Reflection X Advantage definitions (session, X client, X server, color scheme, font collection, and Secure Shell host and user key definitions) with other users.

  • Export Definitions
    Copy selected definitions from the Reflection X Advantage database to an .rxd definitions file.
  • Import Definitions
    Select and import definitions from an .rxd definitions file into your active product database (the local database when using the standalone X Manager, or the domain database when using X Manager for Domains).

When you import settings in domain mode, they are available for your use as private settings definitions. If you are a domain administrator, you can use the Administrative Console to make your imported private definitions public. Public domain definitions are visible and usable by all users in the domain.

You can also use this feature to import configuration settings that have been migrated from Reflection X Advantage version 13 or 14, or from Hummingbird Exceed products. The migrated settings are added to the active Reflection X Advantage database as definitions.

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