Start and Stop the Reflection X Service

The Reflection X Service (RXS) starts automatically when you install it, and when the computer reboots. However, you may need to stop or restart the service as part of a troubleshooting procedure.

Note: If X Manager for Domains or the Administrative Console is open, you should log off before you stop or restart the Reflection X Advantage service.

To start, stop, or restart the Reflection X Service




Open the Windows Services Management Console. (From Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools > Services.) Select Attachmate Reflection X Service to start, stop, or restart the service.

UNIX and Linux

You can start, stop, or restart the service from the command line via the init.d system using the rxs command. For example:

/etc/init.d/rxs start

/etc/init.d/rxs stop

/etc/init.d/rxs restart

The path to init.d depends on your operating system:




Default: /etc/init.d

HP-UX: /sbin/init.d

Red Hat: /etc/rc.d/init.d



On AIX, you can start or stop the service via the System Resource Controller (SRC) by entering one of the following commands.

startsrc -s rxs

stopsrc -s rxs

To restart the service, you must enter the stop command followed by the start command.

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