Install and Uninstall Reflection PKI Services Manager on UNIX

Reflection PKI Services Manager is a service that provides X.509 certificate validation services. If you configure Secure Shell connections to X client hosts that authenticate using certificates, you need to download and install this application. It is available at no additional charge from the Reflection X 2014 and Reflection Pro 2014 download pages. Use this procedure to install Reflection PKI Services Manager on UNIX systems.

To install Reflection PKI Services Manager

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Copy the installation package file to your computer and navigate to the directory that contains this file.
  3. Use gzip to unzip the package:

    gzip -d package_name.tar.gz

    For example:

    gzip -d pkid_1.3.0.999-i386-solaris.gz

  4. Use tar to expand the file:

    tar -xf package_name.tar

    This creates a directory based on the package name. For example:


  5. Change to this directory. For example:

    cd pkid_1.3.0.999-i386-solaris

  6. Run the install script:


  7. You are prompted to specify installation locations. To accept the default locations (recommended), press Enter in response to these prompts.


  • On UNIX the install script automatically starts the service.
  • Before Reflection PKI Services Manager can validate certificates you need to edit the default configuration and map files.

To uninstall

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Run the uninstall script. This script is installed to the bin directory in the PKI Services Manager data folder. The default path is:


Note: The uninstall script renames your existing configuration directory (/opt/attachmate/pkid/config/ by default) using a name based on the current date, and time. For example, config.20140101143755. Your local-store directory and any certificates you have added to this directory remain unchanged.

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