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Trusted Host Keys

Getting there

Note: You can use the administrative console to manage trusted host keys for all users of the domain. Individual users can also add trusted host keys using X Manager for Domains.

When you select a key under Trusted Host Keys, the following information is displayed.



Displays the name of the host that authenticates with this key.



Indicates whether the key uses either an RSA or DSA algorithm.



Indicates whether the host key is available to other users in the Reflection X Advantage domain. When an administrator uses the Administrative Console to make the key public, this host is trusted by other users in the domain. This means they can connect to the host without needing to respond to the unknown host prompt.


MD5 fingerprint
SHA1 fingerprint

Shows the key fingerprint in MD5 and SHA1 format. Fingerprints provide a way to reliably identify the host key.

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