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Select X Keysym

Getting there

You can create a keyboard shortcut that is associated with an X Keysym or a sequence of X Keysyms.

There are two ways you can specify an X Keysym that you want to include in the shortcut:

  • Press a key to locate the corresponding X Keysym. Click OK to add the selection to the X Keysyms to send list.
  • Select an X Keysym from a list.

    Since the list of X Keysyms is long, it's a good idea to use the filter options below:

    • Filter X Keysym list by category. For example, selecting Greek as a category will limit the Select list to Greek X Keysyms only.
    • Only list X Keysyms whose names contain: The Select list will include only those X Keysyms that contain the character or character sequence you type.

You can return to this dialog box to add other X Keysyms to the shortcut.

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