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Enter Logon Information Dialog Box

Getting there

To use X Manager for Domains or the Administrative Console, you need to log on to the Reflection X Advantage domain.

Note: In many cases you can log onto the Reflection X Advantage domain using the same user name and password you use to log onto your computer. Contact the Reflection X Advantage domain administrator for additional logon information.



User name

Your user name on the domain.



The password associated with this user name.



The name of the computer on which the Reflection X Advantage domain controller is installed.

If this is the first time you are logging into X Manager for Domains, get this information from the Reflection X Advantage domain administrator.


Notes for Reflection X Advantage domain administrators:

  • If you are an administrator logging onto a newly created domain for the first time, you can log in for the first time using either X Administrative Console or X Manager for Domains. The name you specify for your initial login will be the default domain administrator. For details, see Set up the Domain Controller.
  • On UNIX systems PAM authentication is used to authenticate the first domain user. On some UNIX systems, the pam_securetty module is configured by default to allow root logins only if the user is logging in on a secure tty. On these systems you cannot log onto the Reflection X Advantage domain using root credentials.
  • On Windows systems, the first domain user must be a user who is a member of the same Windows domain as the user who installs Reflection X Advantage.
  • To log onto the Administrative Console, the user must be a Reflection X Advantage domain administrator.
  • Administrators can use the Authentication tab of the Administrative Console to determine which users have access to the domain and which user or users can serve as domain administrator.

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