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New Features in Version 5.0

Version 5.0 of Reflection X Advantage includes many changes that make it easier to use and administer than earlier versions.

Easier to start clients

  • To get connected, just double click on any definition under X Clients, XDMCP Connections, or Launch Groups. Clients now start sessions automatically, so you no longer need to start by launching a session first.
  • New Automatically start options are available for all definition types. These enable you to create configurations that start automatically when you start Reflection X Advantage.
  • The new Launch Groups option enables you to start multiple clients together.

Easier to configure

  • New default settings are included that make it easier to establish your first connections.
  • New templates provide sample definitions for connecting to different host types.
  • There is no longer a separate X server definition category. All server settings are now incorporated into the session definition.
  • Session definitions now use a tabbed interface that makes it easier to locate the settings you need.
  • A new XDMCP Connections category makes it easier to configure this session type.

Easier to organize

  • New options are available to help you organize your definition lists. You can now drag and drop definitions within the list. Or, use the new sorting button to alphabetize the list.

Easier to upgrade from legacy Reflection X

  • Your Reflection X 13 and 14.settings are imported automatically and now work the same way they did in those earlier versions. All you need to do to get connected is double-click the imported X client and XDMCP definitions.
  • The Reflection X server, named config in versions 13 and 14, is migrated to a session named config. As it did in the prior versions, this server now runs automatically when you start Reflection X Advantage.

Easier to administer

  • Create custom templates that are automatically available to users the first time they start X Manager or X Manager for Domains.
  • Use a new command-line option to launch Reflection X Advantage in slimmed-down mode that enables users to see and use the definitions you have provided without allowing access to features for editing settings.