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Administrative WebStation Mode

When you launch Reflection X Advantage from the Reflection Security Gateway Administrative WebStation, the title bar displays X Manager- Administrative WebStation Mode. This mode provides additional security settings. These are configurable via the Proxy Tab, which is only available in this mode.

When X Manager is launched in this mode, there are limitations on what you can do:

  • Only one session is available. You can modify the settings for this session, but you cannot add additional sessions.
  • One default X client definition is available. You can edit this client and create additional clients. You can also create and edit launch groups.
  • XDMCP Connections are not supported.
  • SSH is the only connection method available for clients.
  • Changes you make to the session, client, and launch group definitions are not saved until you exit X Manager.
  • When you close X Manager, you will be prompted to save your settings. Click File >Exit, and then click Save/Exit on the Save Settings dialog box. This saves your settings on the Reflection Security Gateway Management Server. If you have just created the session, you will be prompted in the Administrative WebStation to map the session so that it is available to users.
  • You cannot modify FIPS mode. (The setting for FIPS is configured using the Session Manager in the Administrative WebStation.)