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Take Control of a Joined Session

One user can start a session, offer it to other users, and then allow those users to take control of the session. The following procedure applies to the user who has been allowed to join a session. When you take control, your keyboard and mouse provide input to the session, and the user from whom you took control stops providing input.

Note: This option is available only if the user who started the session has selected Allow users to take control of session.

To take control of a session in X Manager for Domains

  1. Under Offered Sessions, right-click the session name and then select Join.
  2. Right-click the session and select Take Control.

To take control X Manager (standalone)

  1. Choose Action > Join, and then enter the connection URL provided by the user who shared the session.
  2. Under Joined Sessions, right-click the session and select Take Control.

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