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Start the X Administrative Console

You can start the Administrative Console from your desktop user interface or from the command line.

To start the X Administrative Console from your computer desktop

  1. Start the Administrative Console:


    Do This


    From the Start menu, point to (All) Programs > Attachmate Reflection > X Administrative Console.


    From the Applications menu, point to Attachmate Reflection > X Administrative Console.
    (On some platforms, you may need to log out after your initial install, then log in again to see this menu item.)

  2. Log on to the Reflection X domain:
    • For Username and password, enter your credentials to log onto the Reflection X Advantage domain. If your domain is configured to use the default authentication option (Windows authentication on Windows systems and PAM authentication on non-Windows systems), you can log on using the same credentials you use to log on to your computer.
    • For Domain, enter the Reflection X Advantage domain name. (The Reflection X Advantage domain name is always the same as the name of the computer running the domain controller.)

To start the Administrative Console from the command line

  1. From a command prompt, navigate to your Reflection X Advantage installation folder:

    On Windows:

    cd C:\Program Files\Attachmate\Reflection

    On UNIX:

    cd /opt/rxadvantage

  2. Enter rxadmin (or ./rxadmin for UNIX).

    When the Administrative Console opens, you are prompted to log on to a domain.

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