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Work with Fonts

When an X client requests a font, the Reflection X server receives the font name supplied by the client, and then searches for it among the font collections in the Server Font Path list. The font collections are searched in the order in which they are specified in the list.

Reflection X Advantage provides default font collections commonly required to support X client applications. To provide additional fonts, improve search performance, or troubleshoot font problems, you can:

  • Add Font Collections
    Provide fonts that are not included in the default font collections, to resolve display problems caused by missing fonts.
  • Modify the Server Font Path List
    Add font collections used by a particular X session definition to the Server Font Path list, or improve search performance by changing the order of the font collections in the list. (If a font collection is used frequently, you can improve performance by moving it up in the list.)
  • Log Font Activity
    Troubleshoot font related errors — log font activity, repeat the steps that are causing the error, and then review your log file.

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