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Add Font Collections

A font collection is either a set of font files or a reference to a font server.

Reflection X Advantage provides default font collections that include fonts commonly required by X client applications.

All of the X11R7 fonts for The Open Group are available at 75 and 100 dpi (dots per inch resolution). Default font collections also include fonts for Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment Corporation, Sun, and IBM hosts, along with fonts for Japanese hosts and for Unicode (where supported). If clients require other fonts, you will need to add font collections that include those fonts. You can add a font collection by loading a directory of font files or by referencing an X font server.

Font Paths

Because it supports running in a distributed model, Reflection X Advantage cannot resolve font directory paths explicitly referenced in client application requests. Instead of using font directories, Reflection X Advantage uses font catalog names to identify font collections. To satisfy client requests that include font directory paths, use one of the following approaches:

  • Change the request the client sends the server, so that the font directory path is replaced with the font catalog name. For example, if you are using Xset to specify font paths, you can change the directory /usr/X11/myfonts to the catalog name myfonts, as follows:

    Xset -fp /usr/X11/myfonts +fp rx/myfonts




  • Load the requested fonts into a new font collection, and then enter the requested font path in the Alternate paths box, as described below (the alternate path entry is an alias for the catalog name). For example, if an X client requests /usr/X11/myfonts, and does not start unless those fonts are found, load the fonts into a new font collection and add /usr/X11/myfonts as an alternate path for the collection.

To add a font collection

  1. From the Administrative Console, click the Domain Definitions side tab. The Font Collections section lists all font collections currently available to you.


    From X Manager, choose Tools > Font Collections.

  2. The Font Collections dialog box opens.
  3. At the top of the Font Collections list, click the plus sign (+) and do one of the following:



    New Font File Set Collection

    Load a directory of font files into a new font collection on the domain.

    New Font Server Collection

    Add a font collection that is a reference to a font server.

  4. In the Collection name box, enter the collection name as you want it to appear in the Font Collections list.
  5. In the Catalog name box, enter the collection name as you want it to be referenced by client applications.
  6. Do one of the following:

    If you chose to load a directory of font files into a font collection:

    1. If client applications explicitly reference a font path when requesting this font, enter that font path in the Alternate paths box.
    2. Click Load Fonts, and then browse to a valid X11 font directory that contains the fonts that you want to load.

      Once loaded, the original directory of fonts is no longer required.


    If you chose to add a font collection that is a reference to a font server, in the Font server box, enter the fully qualified name and port of the X font server as follows:


    For example, the following URL specifies to connect to the font server on the computer wilson:


    • If no transport is specified, tcp (the default) is assumed.
    • If no port is specified, 7100 (the default) is assumed.

If you are a domain administrator, you can make the font collection available to anyone who is using the domain. From the Font Collections section in the Administrative Console's Domain Definitions tab, right-click the font collection name and choose Make Public from the action menu.

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