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LDAP Configuration dialog box

Getting there

Use the LDAP Configuration dialog box to set up your Reflection X Advantage domain for LDAP authentication. The options are:

LDAP host

The host the LDAP server is running on.

LDAP port

The port the LDAP service is listening on.


Use anonymous SSL

Allows communication with the LDAP server to be encrypted. The anonymous SSL option supports standard SSL ciphers but does not verify the authenticity of the LDAP server’s certificate.

Search base

The area in the directory tree where the users reside. This is the location in the directory from which the LDAP search begins.


DN Schema

The distinguished name schema (typically “distinguishedName”). An LDAP entry is referenced by a distinguished name that uniquely identifies the entry in the directory. It is typically composed of several relative distinguished names (RDN) separated by commas.


UID attribute

The unique or user id attribute (for most LDAP users, this is uid. For Microsoft Active Directory users, this is “sAMAccountName”).


Perform authenticated search

Allows you to enter credentials for a user with search permissions. This is used when the directory service does not allow anonymous searching.


User DN

The distinguished name of a user with permissions to search the directory service.



The password for the distinguished name that you entered in User DN.