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Session Statistics

When a session is running, the following session statistics are displayed in the X Servers status area in the Compression column.

Compression Statistics

Compression statistics are shown when compression is active (Compression = Yes). These statistics can help you determine the best configuration where low bandwidth is a problem.

Compression data is shown as name = value pairs. The following information is shown:

Total original bits = <bit count of protocol entering the compressor>

Total encoded bits = <bit count of protocol exiting the compressor>

Compression ratio = <Original bits / Encoded bits>:1

Compression overhead = <percentage of non-compression-related bits in encoded bits>%

Headless X Server Statistics

Headless X Server statistics are shown where the server is a locally connected headless server. These statistics can help you determine the best configuration where high latency is a problem.

Headless server -- identifies the server as a Headless X server (an X server with no visible display)

Total requests = <count of all protocol requests>

Short-circuited requests = <count of all query requests> (<percentage of all requests>%)

Round-trips saved = <count of instances where clients waited for a query response>

Total bits = <bit count of all protocol requests and responses>

Short-circuited bits = <bit count of all query requests and responses> (<percentage of total bits>%)

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