See it for Yourself

For installations on Windows systems, Reflection X Advantage is included with the following products. You can download and install an evaluation copy at no charge.

  • Reflection X 2014
  • Reflection 2014 Pro 2014

To supplement the information in this guide, you can access complete product documentation from the Reflection X Advantage documentation page.

To download and install an evaluation copy

  1. Request an evaluation copy from the PC X Server product page. After you've filled in the product request form, you'll receive an email with a link to the download library.
  2. Click the email link to download the evaluation package.
  3. After you download and run the package, you'll be prompted for a location to unzip the installer files. (This is not the final program files location.) Select a location for these files, and then click Next. This extracts the files to the specified location and the Reflection installer starts automatically.
  4. The installer checks your system for required software prerequisites. If these are not present, the installer installs these packages before running the product installation.
  5. For this evaluation, install all Reflection X Advantage features on this computer. From the Features Selection tab, click the feature selection button next to Reflection X Advantage and select “Feature will be installed on local hard drive.” This automatically selects all features for installation.


Note: To get connected to your X clients using the standalone X Manager, this computer is all you'll need. If you decide to evaluate the full set of features in this guide, you will install some Reflection X Advantage features on an additional system. Details are included in the procedures that follow.