Start in Domain Mode

You can start X Manager for Domains from the graphical user interface (GUI) or the command line.

To start X Manager for Domains from your computer desktop

  1. Start X Manager for Domains:


    Do This


    From the Start menu, point to All Programs > Attachmate Reflection > X Manager for Domains.


    From the Applications menu, point to Attachmate Reflection > X Manager for Domains.
    (On some platforms, you may need to log out after your initial install, then log in again to see this menu item.)

  2. Log on to the Reflection X domain:
    • For Username and password, enter your credentials to log onto the Reflection X Advantage domain. If your domain is configured to use the default authentication option (Windows authentication on Windows systems and PAM authentication on non-Windows systems), you can log on using the same credentials you use to log on to your computer.
    • For Domain, enter the Reflection X Advantage domain name. (The Reflection X Advantage domain name is always the same as the name of the computer running the domain controller.)
  3. (Optional) Once you are logged on, to log onto a different domain, from the File menu, choose Log Off, and then select Log On.

To start X Manager for Domains from the command line

  1. From a command prompt, navigate to your Reflection X Advantage program folder. The default location is:

    Note: On Windows the program folder is added to the path by the installer, so this step is optional.

    Windows: C:\Program Files\Attachmate\Reflection

    UNIX: /opt/rxadvantage

  2. Use the following command to start X Manager for Domains:

    Windows: rxmgrdomains

    UNIX: ./rxmgrdomains

    Note: Command line options are available. For example, you can specify domain name; logon credentials; and sessions and clients that you want to start. For details, see rxmgrdomains Command Line. The options described apply to the startup command on all platforms.

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