Suspend and Resume (X Manager for Domains)

If you are running X Manager for Domains, you can configure sessions that support the ability to leave the session without actually terminating the connection with the X client application. After you leave a session, the display closes, but the session is persisted in memory on a domain node. When you join the session, you see your client display as you left it — there's no need to restart your client application or start a new session.

To leave a session without stopping the session or the client

  1. Configure a Reflection X Advantage domain with at least one domain node.
  2. Configure a session definition to support suspend and resume. (On the General tab, under Remote Session Services, select any of the options that include Session suspend/resume.)
  3. Configure your client to use this session and start the client.

    Under the session definition, you should see a running session appear. The host shown for this session will be one of the domain nodes.

  4. To leave the session, select the running session and click the leave icon, Leave, or right-click the session and click Leave. The running session icon changes to show that the session is now suspended. You can close X Manager for Domains at this point and the session will remain active and suspended on the domain node.

To rejoin the suspended session

  1. Log into the Reflection X Advantage domain from any computer with X Manager for Domains running that has access to the domain controller. This can be the same computer from which you suspended the session or a different computer. You should see your running, suspended session.
  2. To rejoin the session, select the suspended session click the join icon, Join, or right-click the session and click Join. The client display reopens as you left it.

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