Log Font Activity

When an X client requests a font, the Reflection X server receives the font name supplied by the client, and then searches for it among the font collections in the Server Font Path list. The font collections are searched in the order in which they are specified in the list. A name can match the actual font name or an alias for the font.

All of this font activity — the requests and the procedure Reflection X Advantage uses to respond to those requests — is written to your log file when the Log font activity option is selected. If you are getting font-related errors, select this option, repeat the steps that caused the error, and then review your log file.

By default, Log font activity is not selected. This option takes effect when the session is started.

To log font activity

  1. From X Manager, under Session Definitions on the left, select a session.


    From the Administrative Console, click the Domain Definitions tab, and then under Session Definitions on the left, select a session.

  2. Click the Logging tab.
  3. Select Log font activity.

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