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Import Definitions Dialog Box

Getting there

From this dialog box, you can import available definitions (settings for sessions, clients, servers, font collections, color schemes, and trusted host and user keys) from a Reflection X Advantage .rxd definition file. Typically, .rxd files are created by running X Manager to export a set of definitions on one computer, and then copying the export file to a destination computer where the definitions will be imported.

Available Definitions

Choose File

Opens the Select Definition File dialog box, from which you can choose and open the definition file (.rxd) that contains definitions you want to import.

Available Definitions

Lists all definitions that are available for import.

clear all selections in the current category

Selects all items in the current category.

clear all selections in the current category

Clears all selections in the current category.

Import Options

Import file: <filename>

Identifies the path and name of the definition file that you have opened for import.

Automatically include referenced definitions

Select this option to ensure that when you select an available definition that references other definitions, all of the related definitions are added to the Definitions Pending Import list. This is important so that related definitions stay together when imported.

For example, if you select a session definition for import, the client, server, font and color scheme definitions referenced by that session definition are also added to the Import list.

Definitions Pending Import

Definitions Pending Import

Lists all definitions that will be added from the Import file.


Identifies a definition to be imported.


Indicates the type of definition that will be imported.


Indicates why the definition was added to the Definitions Pending Import list.


Imports definitions on the Definitions Pending Import list. If the names of items to be imported are the same as definitions that already exist in the definitions database, the Import Conflicts Found dialog box opens, from which you can resolve any naming conflicts and complete the Import operation.

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