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Fonts tab

Getting there

The options are:

Server Font Path

Displays the font collections that Reflection X searches when a client application requests a font. Font collections are searched in the order in which they appear in this list.

Note: Changing the list order so that commonly used fonts are at the top of the list and removing unused font collections improves search performance.

Font Collections

Displays all of the available font collections.

Use font server on X client host

If a client application requests a font that is not in the font collections specified under Server Font Path, Reflection X Advantage looks for a font server on the X client host on port 7100. If Reflection X Advantage finds a font server running, it passes the unresolved font request to that font server.

Allow font substitutions

Substitutes fonts when client applications request fonts that are not available.

Permit client to set font path

Allows the client to set the font path. Click Advanced to configure font path options. If deselected, X clients are silently prevented from changing the font path. No protocol error is generated if an X client attempts to change the path.

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