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Domain Nodes - Domain Status

Getting there

You can check each node to find the number of sessions running on the node, the node's current processing load, and its memory use. You can also find the status of all the client connectors running on the node. (This information is presented in a node-centric view, rather than the session-centric view presented from the Running Sessions - Domain Status tab.)

Domain Nodes

Host name

The DNS name or IP address of the domain node.

Host OS

The host operating system type of this node.


The node state is online, offline, or idle.


The load is the percentage of CPU that the domain node process is using. It is not a measure of the overall CPU utilization on the machine.

Memory use

Memory use is a measure of the memory consumed by the domain node process.

Sessions on Domain Node


Session Name

The name of the session running on this node.



The user who owns the session.



The session state (online or offline).


X Client Count

The number of X clients connected to this session.


X Server Count

The number of X servers connected to this session.

Client Connectors on Domain Node


The client connectors for a session accept incoming connection requests from X clients, and forward X protocol requests received from the X client to the session.



The name of the session that this client connector is servicing.


Listening IP/Display

The network address and display number of the X session to which the client connector belongs. A single client connector might have more than one listening IP/display pair if more than one network card is present.

X clients locate an X session by this pair of values. This is done by setting the DISPLAY environment variable (or the X client command line option "-display") to <network address>:<display number>.


X Client Count

The number of X clients connected to this client connector.

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