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Ports used by Reflection X Advantage

Reflection X Advantage uses the ports summarized below. Depending on your Reflection X Advantage configuration, you may need to configure a firewall to allow a port exception for one or more of these ports.



Default port


X Manager

(If you specify a fixed display number, the port used is 6000 + display number)


Domain Node

(if you have more than one domain node configured, each must have a separate port)


Domain Controller

22000 (default)


Remote Session Services

21999 (default)

Note: The domain controller, domain nodes, and remote session services are processes of the Reflection X Service. The ports listed above are defaults for these processes. You can run the rxsconfig command line utility to determine which ports are actually configured on your system. The following command lists all configured Reflection X Service processes sorted by port number:

rxsconfig list

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