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Application Fails to Start

No Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was found

Reflection X Advantage applications require a JRE on your system. On Windows systems, the JRE is included as a separate feature in the installation -- called Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If this feature has not been installed and no additional JRE is available on your system, you see a message saying that the application "failed to start because no Java Runtime Environment was found." To resolve this, install the JRE using the procedure below.

If the JRE feature is not installed and an alternate JRE is found on your system, Reflection X Advantage will start using the alternate JRE, but you will see errors or warning messages in the log files if this JRE is not correctly configured. For information about these messages, see Changing the JRE.

To install the default JRE

  1. To open the Programs and Features control panel go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. (On older Windows systems, this Control Panel is called Add or Remove Programs.)
  2. Select the entry with your Reflection product name (for example Attachmate Reflection Pro or Attachmate Reflection X 2014) and click Change.
  3. On the Feature Selection tab, click the icon to the left of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and select Feature will be installed on local hard drive.
  4. Click Continue.

Database may be in inconsistent state

Reflection X Advantage applications store data in a database file (flatfiledb-data.xml). During some operations a backup file (flatfiledb-data.xml.bak) is created temporarily. If the backup file is still present in the database folder when you start X Manager, X Manager, or X Administrative Console, you may see a message saying that the "Database may be in inconsistent state" and the application will not start.

To restore the database when a .bak file is present

  1. Navigate to the database file location displayed in the error message and locate flatfiledb-data.xml and flatfiledb-data.xml.bak.
  2. Create a backup copy of both files in a secure location.
  3. Check the dates and sizes of both files.
  4. If one file is larger, delete the smaller file and try to start the application. If starting with the larger file doesn't work, replace it with the smaller file from the backup location.
  5. If the files are the same size, delete the older file and try to start the application. If starting with the newer file doesn't work, replace it with the older file from the backup location.

Insufficient Memory

When Reflection X Advantage applications start, they request a block of memory from the computer system. If your system's memory is limited or fragmented, you may see an error saying "Application failed to start due to insufficient memory." This is more likely to occur if you have installed the 32-bit version of Reflection X Advantage. If you are running on a 64-bit system and have access to the 64-bit installer, you should install that version. If you are on a 32-bit system, restarting Windows may resolve the problem. If you continue to see this message, you may be able to resolve it by reducing the maximum memory available to the Reflection X Advantage JVM. For details, see Technical Note 2657.