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Install on UNIX

Use this procedure below to install Reflection X Advantage on UNIX or Linux systems.

X Manager is installed by default. This application provides complete support for connecting to X clients in standalone mode. If you are planning on running Reflection X Advantage in domain mode, you will need to install additional features on the computers running in your domain. These features are not installed by default. For a summary of some typical installation configurations for domain mode, see Which Reflection X Advantage Features Should I Install? For more detailed information, see Setting up Domain Components.

Note: UNIX installers do not include the emulators and FTP Client, which are only available when you install on Windows.

To install Reflection X Advantage on UNIX systems

  1. Download the installation package for your UNIX operating system from the download site.

    Note: The download files (*.zip) for each supported UNIX system include both 32-bit and 64-bit installers if both platforms are available.

  2. Unzip the download file; for example:

    unzip -d

    The expanded download file contains binary files (*.bin) for installing on different platforms. Locate the appropriate file for your UNIX platform. The product installation package name begins with "rxa-5.n.n.nnn."

    The package name that begins with "rxa_help-5.n.n.nnn installs local help files. Installing these files is optional. By default, Reflection X Advantage uses product Help located on the Attachmate website. For more information, see Optional Local Help File Installation.

  3. If you unzipped on a Windows computer, copy the installation file for your platform to your UNIX computer.
  4. Log on as root and navigate to the directory that contains the installation file.
  5. Change the permissions of the installation package to give execute permissions to the file owner. For example:

    chmod 744 rxa-

  6. Start the installation program. For example:


    Note: The command above launches the InstallAnywhere installation program which requires an X11 Windows display. To initiate a command line installation, you can add the parameters -i console. For example:
    ./rxa-5.0.999-prod-x86_84-linux.bin -i console


  7. You can modify the feature selections during the install. X Manager is installed by default.

    Note: If you are using the -i console option, you'll have an opportunity to specify which features you want to install by entering a comma-separated list in response to the prompt: "Please choose the Features to be installed by this installer:" To install all features, you can type 1,1. For additional command line options, see Using a Response File to Install on UNIX Workstations.

Installation Log File

On UNIX systems, an install log is created here: /opt/rxadvantage/Attachmate_Reflection_X_Advantage_InstallLog.log.

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