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Change the Keyboard Map Used by a Session

Reflection X Advantage includes a default keyboard map that is automatically referenced by each new session definition. This default keyboard map works for many client applications. Additional predefined keyboard maps are also available. In addition to these predefined options, you can create your own custom keyboards using the Keyboard Maps dialog box. To use an alternate keyboard map, use the following procedure to create a session definition that uses the alternate map, then configure your clients to use this session.

To modify a session to use an alternate keyboard map

  1. In the left pane, select a session.
  2. Click the Keyboard tab.
  3. From the Keyboard Map list, select a keyboard map that you want to use in the session definition.

    Note: The list shows default keyboard maps and any custom keyboard maps you have created or imported. If you are running in domain mode, the list may also include public keyboard maps created by the administrator(s).

  4. (Optional) Click Edit to edit or review the selected keyboard map.

Note: Domain administrators can also configure Keyboard Maps from Administrative Console, using the Domain Definitions tab.