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Map a Keyboard Shortcut to a String

You can map a key to a character string that you must type frequently (such as a department name).

To map a key to send the string "Engineering Department"

  1. In X Manager or X Manager for Domains, click Tools > Keyboard Maps.
  2. For Select Keyboard Map, select an editable keyboard map.

    Note: The default keyboard maps are not editable. Click Clone to create a new custom keyboard map based on an existing keyboard map.

  3. In the Keyboard Maps dialog box, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  4. In the Shortcuts column, click the + sign.
  5. In the Specify Shortcut Key Combination dialog box, select Alt and type \ (backslash), then click OK.
  6. Alt + Backslash is now highlighted in the Shortcuts column.
  7. Click Send String and type the string Engineering Department. Whenever you press Alt + Backslash, Reflection X Advantage will send the characters Engineering Department as if you had typed them.

Note: Administrators can also configure Keyboard Maps from the Domain Definitions tab.

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