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Stop a Session

While a session is running, you see a running session entry under the session definition. This entry shows the joined session icon, session running joined, and the name of the host on which the session is running.

To configure a session to stop automatically when the last client application exits

  • In the Session Definition pane, on the General tab, set On last client to Stop Session.

To stop sessions automatically when you exit X Manager

By default, you see a prompt when you close X Manager with one or more session running. Make this change to stop sessions without the prompt:

  1. Go to File > Preferences
  2. Set On exiting X Manager to Stop all sessions.

To stop a session manually

You can use either of these methods to stop a session manually. This stops all clients running on this session.

  • Select the running session, then in the toolbar click the stop button. Stop
  • Right click the running session and click Stop.

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