Managing System Resources

Adjusting the relative CPU use of the Reflection for Secure IT server

The Process priority setting on the General pane controls the amount of CPU the server uses relative to other process on the same computer. This should be set to Normal in most cases. However, if your server consumes too much CPU during the transfer of large files, you can adjust this setting to improve the server's responsiveness to other processes. If the server is used for foreground processes or, if other CPU-intensive programs are running on the same computer, you maybe able to improve performance of those processes by setting Process priority to below normal or low.

Setting the process priority to Below normal or Low may cause file transfers to take longer if there are competing processes on the system.

Setting the process priority to Above normal or High may cause file transfers to occur faster, but may cause competing processes on the system to become unresponsive when transferring large files.

Memory Use

The server starts a child process for every sftp session, scp transfer, terminal session, and exec request. Each connection requires a certain amount of memory. The more memory a server has, the more simultaneous connections the server can support. You can use Maximum number of connections (on the General pane) to limit the number of possible connections.

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