Post Transfer Action Settings Dialog Box

Getting there

Use this dialog box to define a post transfer action.

File filter

A regular expression that determines which files are acted on by the this PTA. Reflection for Secure IT runs the PTA whenever the filter expression you specify matches the absolute path of a successfully uploaded file.

Use .* (the default) to trigger the action after every file upload.

If you use the Browse button to locate folders on the server, the path is entered automatically, including the required escape characters, and appended with .* (dot star). This configures the server to run the PTA after any file is uploaded to the selected folder or any of its subfolders.

If you manually enter a path, use a backslash escape character (\) before any characters in the path that have a special meaning in regular expression syntax. For example, usa a slash to escape the backslashes in the Windows path and the dot preceding a file extension, as shown here:



The full path to the executable file.

The program runs under the same account as the Reflection for Secure IT service (the Local System account). This account has administrative privileges on the local system.


(Optional) Enter one or more arguments to be passed to the to the specified program. Arguments can include supported tokens (enclosed in dollar signs). Tokens are replaced by actual values when the PTA runs.

Use spaces to separate multiple arguments.

Use double quotation marks around any argument that might include spaces in the returned value.


Click this button to insert a token from a list of supported tokens.


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