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A Post Transfer Action (PTA) is a program that is invoked on the server after a file has been successfully uploaded to the server. For example, you might configure a PTA that invokes a batch file to rename or move the uploaded file. You can perform a PTA on all uploaded files, or use a configurable filter to execute the action only on files that match the filter specification.

Note the following:

  • The order of actions in the list on the Post Transfer Actions does not control the order of execution for these actions. To ensure that a series of actions takes place in a predictable sequence, include the actions in one batch file. For example, if you want to rename an uploaded file and then move it, put these actions in the correct sequence in a single batch file.
  • Outputs from one Post Transfer Action cannot be used as inputs to another Post Transfer Action.
  • Failed execution of a Post Transfer Action does not prevent other Post Transfer Actions from executing.
  • Post Transfer Actions are executed only after successful transfers. They do not run after unsuccessful (or canceled) transfers.
  • Post Transfer Actions are not supported for downloads or other file transfer events (such as renaming or deleting a file on the server).
  • Post Transfer Actions are not supported for files streamed to a remote SFTP server. If the remote SFTP server is a Reflection for Secure IT server, you can configure the PTA on that destination server.
  • Post Transfer Actions are global; they cannot be configured as part of a subconfiguration.
  • Click a column heading to sort on that field. (This affects the order in the display only, not the order in which the actions take place.)


The options are:

Maximum concurrent post transfer processes

Use this setting to limit the number of Post Transfer Actions that can be performed concurrently. When set to 0 (zero) there is no maximum.

Increase this value to allow more system resources to be used by Reflection for Secure IT post transfer actions. Reduce it if you want to ensure that more resources are available for other applications.

The default is 50.


Clear this box to disable a post transfer action without deleting it.


A regular expression that determines which uploaded files are acted on. Configure this when you add the action, or select an action and click Edit to modify the filter.


The complete path to the executable file that runs when a file that matches the filter is uploaded. Configure this when you add the action, or select an action and click Edit to modify the command.


Opens the Post Transfer Action Settings dialog box, which you can use to configure additional actions.


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