Group Configuration Dialog Box

Getting there

Use the following options to add a new group to the group subconfiguration list.

Group type

Choose from the following:






Local (the default)

The group is defined on the local computer.




The group belongs to a Windows Active Directory domain.


Specify the domain name. This option is available only when Group type is set to Domain.

To specify a Web Edition group, use Reflection for groups in the built-in User Manager directory, or use the domain name of any added LDAP server. To ensure that your group settings work as expected, confirm that the LDAP server domain name you specify here matches the name you specified in User Manager. (Connect to User Manager, click LDAP Server, select your server, click Edit and confirm the value entered for Domain Name.)


Specify the group name.


  • Regular expressions are not supported for specifying domain and group information for subconfigurations.
  • Domain and group name matching is not case-sensitive.
  • After you have defined a group, click the available configuration panes (Permissions, Authentication, Password, Public Key, and SFTP Directories) to specify group-specific settings.

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