Select Account Dialog Box

Getting there

This dialog box shows a list of accounts available in the credential cache whose allowed use includes the feature you are configuring. You can select an existing name, change the filter to view additional names in the cache, or add a new account name.

  • The user you select must be joined to the same domain as the server or to a domain that is trusted by the server's domain.
  • The same cache is used to store credentials for multiple features. You can also view and modify credentials from the Credential Cache pane.


Caution: Be careful when configuring access with any credential other than the client user's own credential. When you configure an alternate credential to provide access to any folder on a server, Windows will allow access to other folders on the same server that are accessible to the alternate credential. For more information about this risk and how to handle it securely, see Best Practices for Using Cached Credentials.

The options are:


Open the Filters dialog box, which you can use to filter the view based on date or allowed use.

Current filter

Shows the current filter setting. The default depends on how you got to this dialog box.


Add a user to the cache.

Note: If you try to add a user who is already in the cache, you'll get an error message. This may happen even though the credential is not currently visible in the list of available users. By default, cached credentials are not listed if they are not currently allowed for the feature you are configuring. To list additional users, click Filters and modify the filter settings.



Edit the properties of the selected user.



Remove the selected user from the credential cache.

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