Get Started with the Server Console

Use the server console to configure the server, and start or stop the service. All Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows settings can be configured using the server console.

To work with the server console

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Attachmate Reflection > Reflection SSH Server Configuration.

    The server automatically creates (or migrates) a host public/private key pair, and is configured to use this key pair for host authentication.

  2. Click Identity to view information about the default host private key. You can use this tab to change the host key, or configure host authentication using a digital certificate.
  3. Click Configuration to view and edit the current server settings.
  4. For more information about the settings on a server pane, click on that pane.
  5. Click File > Save Settings to save any changes to the server configuration file.
  6. Click Action > Start Server to start the service.
  7. Click Status to view the server status, uptime, and number of client connections.


  • You must be logged in as an Administrator to configure and run Reflection for Secure IT.
  • If you install the server and restart Windows before you run the server console, Reflection automatically creates (or migrates) a host key pair at that time, and starts the server using default settings.

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