Use this page to view users who have been added to Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition. These users can log into the Web Edition Transfer Client. Web Edition Users can transfer files managed by a Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows that has been configured to enable access by Web Edition users.

Note: You can add and edit users in the built-in Reflection directory. The user list is read-only for users in added LDAP directories; all passwords and identifying information for these users is managed on the LDAP server.

For detailed information about configuring user access, see the Web Edition Administrator's Guide.

Adding Users

  • To add users to the built-in Reflection directory, select Reflection in the drop-down list and click New.

Viewing Users

  • To view the users in an LDAP directory that has been added to User Manager, select the directory name in the drop-down list next to Select LDAP Server.
  • Click on a column head to sort the list based on the entries in that column.
  • The number of users that can be listed is limited to 1000 for the Reflection directory. The list limit for an added LDAP server is determined by that server. These limits only affect the number of users that can be listed, not the number of user that are provisioned. You can use the Filter User option to view users who are not visible in the default list.

Editing users

  • To edit a user that has been added to the Reflection directory, check the box next to the user and click Edit.
  • You cannot edit users in any referenced LDAP directory. Changes to these users must be made in the LDAP directory. These changes are updated automatically in Web Edition.
  • You can select multiple users by clicking individual check boxes, or use Shift+click to select a range of currently visible users. When multiple users are selected, the Edit option is not available.



Select LDAP Server

Specifies which LDAP directory to display. The built-in Reflection directory is available and selected by default. You can add additional directories from the LDAP Server page.



Open the New User page to add a user. Available when the Reflection directory is selected.



Open the Edit User page to edit the selected user. Available only with the Reflection directory when a single user is selected.



Delete the selected user or users. Available only with the Reflection directory when one or more users are selected.

You cannot delete the administrator account that you are currently logged in as.



Filter User

Search the selected directory for users that contain the entered string.




Removes the filter and lists all users in the selected directory.