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Reflection for Secure IT User Manager

Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition provides a secure way to manage file exchange with users outside your network. Reflection for Secure IT User Manager is one of three services that combine to provide support for these transfers.

  • Reflection for Secure IT User Manager

    A web-based tool for configuring which users and groups have access.

  • Reflection for Secure IT Server

    A Secure Shell server that manages secure file transfers. You can use the server console to configure access to file locations on this server or on additional file servers. You can also configure customized file access for individual users or groups.

  • Reflection for Secure IT Web Transfer Server

    Authenticates Web Edition users and is the application server for the Reflection for Secure IT Transfer Client. The Transfer Client is a Java applet that runs in the end user's web browser. This drag-and-drop transfer utility enables users to transfer documents between their local system and the file locations you have made available to them.

For additional information about configuring these services, see the Web Edition Administrator's Guide.