New PKI Server

Getting there

Use this page to configure connections to PKI Services Manager. Reflection PKI Services Manager provides certificate verification services, and is available as a separate download from the Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition download page at no additional charge. For information about downloading PKI Services Manager and configuring it for use with Web Edition, see the Web Edition Administrator's Guide.


PKI Server

The server running PKI Services Manager.



The listening port used by PKI Services Manager. The default (18081) is the default port used by PKI Services Manager.




New servers are enabled by default. Select Disabled to disable this PKI server without removing it from your list.


Retrieve public key

Retrieves the public key from the specified PKI server. After you retrieve a key, information about that key is displayed below the button.

To compare the retrieved key fingerprint with the actual PKI Services Manager key on the PKI server, start the PKI Services Manager console and go to Utility > View Public Key.



Verify connection

Verifies that PKI Services Manager is installed and running on the specified host and port; and that Web Edition can connect to this server using the installed public key.