You can add and edit groups in the Reflection directory. The group list is read-only for added LDAP directories; these groups are managed on the LDAP server.

Group membership serves two purposes:

  • Membership in the Administrators group is required to log into User Manager.
  • Membership in groups can be used in combination with group-specific settings in the Reflection for Secure IT Server to customize file access for user groups.

For additional information about configuring group access, see the Web Edition Administrator's Guide.

Viewing Groups

  • To view the groups in an LDAP directory that has been added to User Manager, select the directory name in the drop-down list next to Select LDAP Server.
  • Click on a column head to sort the list based on the entries in that column.

Creating and Editing Groups

You can create and edit groups in the Reflection directory. You cannot modify the groups in added LDAP servers, however you can add users from added LDAP servers to your Reflection groups.

There are two ways to change Reflection group membership. You can edit the group. This technique allows you to add members from any LDAP server. You can also change group membership by editing individual users. This option is available only for members of the Reflection directory.

To add a new group to the Reflection directory

  1. From the Groups page, click New.
  2. Enter a GroupID and Description, and click Save.

To modify group membership from the Groups page

  1. On the Groups page, set Select LDAP Server to Reflection.
  2. Select a group and click Edit.
  3. Click Add Members.
  4. Set Select LDAP Server to the directory from which you want to add users.
  5. (Optional) Use Filter User to help you locate the user or users you want to add.
  6. Select one or more users and click Add.

To modify group membership from the User page

  1. From the Users page, set Select LDAP Server to Reflection.
  2. Select a user and click Edit.
  • To add a user to a group, select the group under Available groups and click >> to move the group under Member of.
  • Click Save.
  • Groups Page Options

    Note: These options are only available when Select LDAP Server is set to Reflection.


    Open the New Group page to add a group


    Open the Edit Group page to add or remove users from the selected group.


    Delete the selected group.

    Note: You cannot delete the Administrators group.