Transfer Files to the Back End File Server

In this transfer, the document goes from the user workstation to your back end file server.

web edition remote setup

Before you begin

To test a transfer from the user workstation to the file server

  1. Open a browser on the computer you designated to act as a user workstation.
  2. Enter the following URL, replacing <web_edition_host> with the name or IP address of your Web Edition server. (If you are already logged into the Transfer Client from a previous test, you can click Logout, and then log in again to test changes you've made on the Web Edition server.)


    Note: The Transfer Client runs in your default browser and you will see a certificate warning message before you see the login page. This warning shows up because the Web Transfer server installs with a self-signed security certificate that is unknown to your browser. For initial testing purposes, you can ignore this warning and subsequent warnings. Before you deploy to actual users, you will need to install a certificate from a well-known Certificate Authority (CA). Once you've configured the Reflection for Secure IT Web Transfer server to use the CA-signed certificate, users will be able to log in without seeing certificate warnings. For more information, see Server Certificate Management in the Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition Administrator's Guide.

  3. Log in using the username and password or your test user.
  4. On the server side, you should see the files in the Test directory. (This is the Remote base directory you configured using the Remote SFTP Server Connection dialog box. The contents of this directory are displayed when the user connects because you set it as the User Log in directory in the SFTP Directories pane.)
  5. Test an upload to the server from the client computer.

Confirm that your test file is on the server.

  • If you uploaded to a network share, confirm that the file is in the location you specified in the Accessible Directory Settings dialog box for Local or UNC directory.
  • If you uploaded to an SFTP server, log in to the SFTP server using the credentials you specified in the Remote SFTP Server Connection dialog box for Remote SFTP username and Password. Confirm that the file is in the location you specified under Remote base directory.


Set Transfer Permissions for a User Group