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Evaluating Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition

Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition provides a secure way to manage file exchange with users outside your network. Secure authentication and encryption are used for all connections. In this evaluation, you'll use three systems: a user workstation, the Web Edition server and a file server.

    web eidtion configuration

  • User workstation

    Users log into the web-based Reflection for Secure IT Transfer Client and can upload or download documents using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

  • Web Edition server

    For this evaluation, the Web Edition server runs all three Web Edition services:

    • Reflection for Secure IT Web Transfer Server
      Authenticates Web Edition users and is the application server for the Transfer Client.
    • Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows
      A Secure Shell server that manages secure file transfers.
    • User Manager
      A web-based tool for configuring which users can log into the Web Edition Transfer Client. You can use it to provide access to external users (such as customers or business partners) and to allow access to remote users (users with domain accounts working outside your firewall).
  • File server

    This server is the ultimate destination for uploaded files and the source for downloads. Users have access only to the directories you specify, and have no knowledge of the host name or the actual directory names on this server.