Launch User Manager and Add a Test User

In these procedures, you'll launch the Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition User Manager and add a test user.

To launch the User Manager

  1. Start User Manager using either of the following methods:

    If you are logged into the Windows system that is running User Manager, you can start User Manager from the Windows Start Menu (Start > All Programs > Attachmate Reflection > Web Edition User Manager).


    From a web browser enter the following URL replacing <user_manager_host> with the name or IP address of the host running the User Manager service.



    Note: The User Manager runs in your default browser and you will see a certificate warning message before you see the login page. This warning shows up because the User Manager installs with a self-signed security certificate that is unknown to your browser. For initial testing purposes, you can ignore this warning and proceed with the connection (Internet Explorer or Chrome) or add an exception (Firefox). For more information, see Server Certificate Management in the Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition Administrator's Guide.

  2. For your initial login enter the following credentials.

    Username: admin

    Password: secret

  3. Immediately after your first log in, you'll be prompted to change the password for the admin account. Enter the current and new password and click Submit.

Once you are successfully logged in, you should see the Users page. The initial view shows a single user - the admin account you used to log in.

To add a test user

  1. From the Users page, click New.
  2. On the New User page:
    • Specify easy-to-remember values for UserID and password (or example test1/test1). You'll use these credentials for your test transfers.
    • Enter sample values for first name, last name and email address; these are required fields.
    • Leave group membership unchanged for this test user; group configuration is optional.
  3. Click Save.

You'll be returned to the Users page and should see your new user added to the list.


Enable Web Edition User Access on the Reflection for Secure IT Server