Transfer Files to the Web Edition Server

The two test transfers described below save the transferred file to the Web Edition server.

Before you begin

The first procedure transfers a document from one file location on the Web Edition server to another location on the same computer. This test scenario helps confirm that your setup is correct.

To test a transfer on the Web Edition server

  1. On the Web Edition server (the computer on which you installed the Secure Shell Server and Web Transfer feature), start the Transfer Client. (Start > All Programs > Attachmate Reflection > Web Edition Transfer Client.)

    Note: The Transfer Client runs in your default browser and you will see a certificate warning message before you see the login page. This warning shows up because the Web Transfer server installs with a self-signed security certificate that is unknown to your browser. For initial testing purposes, you can ignore this warning and subsequent warnings. Before you deploy to actual users, you will need to install a certificate from a well-known Certificate Authority (CA). Once you've configured the Reflection for Secure IT Web Transfer server to use the CA-signed certificate, users will be able to log in without seeing certificate warnings. For more information, see Server Certificate Management.

  2. Log in using the user ID and password of your test user.

    You'll see two additional messages: a certificate warning followed by a Java query. Both messages include an option to trust content from this publisher, and, if you select this option, the messages won't appear again. (The certificate warning won't appear at all once you've configured the server to use a CA-signed certificate.)

  3. The Transfer Client opens and connects to the running Reflection for Secure IT Server. Check to confirm that the status line in the lower left corner says "Connected to server."
  4. On the left side of the client, under Local files, browse to locate a document for a test transfer and drag this file to Server files. After the transfer is complete, you should see the transferred file in the Server files list.

To locate the uploaded file on the Web Edition server

  • Find the file you just transferred on the Web Edition server in the following location:


    Where <run_as_user> is the user account you selected for Web Edition users to run under and <web_edition_user> is the userID of the test user you created in User Manager.


The next transfer tests your ability to connect to the Transfer Client from a second computer and transfer a file from that computer to the Web Edition server. This test scenario confirms that your setup supports transfers from an external user's workstation.

test external user

To test a transfer from a second computer to the Web Edition server

  1. To test a transfer from a user workstation, open a browser on a second computer.
  2. Enter the following URL, replacing <web_edition_host> with the name or IP address of your Web Edition server. (This URL connects to the running Web Transfer Server).


  3. Log in using the test user credentials and try a test transfer.


Configure Web Edition to Act as a Gateway

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