Transfer Client File Locations

The Transfer Client shows a Local files list on the left and a Server files list on the right.

Local files

The Transfer Client's Local files list shows the contents of the user's profile folder. The user can browse from this location to any other folders and drives available to this user.

The user profile folder is configurable by the Windows system administrator. The default is:

  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008:
  • Windows Server 2003:
    \Documents and Settings\username\

Server files

If you made no modifications to the default SFTP directories settings in Reflection for Secure IT, the Server files list shows the contents of a directory called "Home." This virtual directory corresponds to the following physical directory on the Web Edition server:


where <run_as_user> is the Web Edition user access account (specified on the Web Edition Users pane in the Reflection for Secure IT Server), and <web_edition_user> is the user's UserID (added in the User Manager). When a user connects, this directory is created automatically if it does not yet exist.

If you provisioned users in an LDAP server, the domain name you specified for that server replaces "Reflection" in the path shown above.

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