Options Tab - Remote SFTP Server Connections

Getting there


Note: To be able to use this feature you must be running Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition.

The options are:

Line ending conversion

UNIX and Windows use different line ending conventions in text-based files. When this option is selected, the Reflection for Secure IT server converts line endings if the remote server uses a different line ending convention. This option is enabled by default. You may want to disable this option if you only transfer binary files and you want to ensure that no line ending conversion occurs.


Text file extensions

Identifies the file types for which line ending conversion takes place. All other files are transferred as binary files; so no line ending conversion occurs and the transferred files are identical to the source file. The default is:
txt htm html bat and cmd

Remote server's line ending convention

Specifies the line ending convention used by the remote server. The default is Automatic, which means that the Reflection for Secure IT server automatically determines the expected line ending convention for this server. (Automatic line conversion is available if you are connecting to other Reflection for Secure IT servers; it will not work with OpenSSH servers.)


Connection idle timeout (seconds)

Specifies the amount of time the connection to the remote server can be idle before the client embedded in the Reflection for Secure IT server automatically disconnects. The default is 60 seconds. If the connection is later needed to satisfy a request by an incoming client, the connection is reestablished at that time.