Group membership in User Manager serves two purposes:

  • Membership in the Administrators group is required to log into User Manager.
  • Membership in user-defined groups can be used in combination with group-specific settings in the Reflection for Secure IT Server to customize access for different user groups.

For additional information about configuring group access, see the Web Edition Administrator's Guide.

To add a new group

  • From the Groups page, click New, enter a GroupID and Description, and click Save.

To modify group members

You can use either of the following approaches to modify group membership:

  • Edit a group

    From the Groups page, select a group and click Edit. To add a user to the group, enter a UserID in the box on the left, and click Add User. To remove a user from the group, select the user in the list and click Remove.

  • Edit a user

    From the Users page, select a user and click Edit. To add the user to a group, select the group under Available groups and click >>.

Groups Page Options


Open the New Group page to add a group


Open the Edit Group page to add or remove users from the selected group.


Delete the selected group.

Note: You cannot delete the Administrators group.