Installation and Setup
Web Edition Services
Web Edition Server Requirements
Transfer Client requirements
Install Web Edition on the Gateway Server
Configure the Document Depot
Getting Started
Create and Test an External User
Configure a Transfer to the Document Depot
Transfer a File from an External User to the Document Depot
Set Transfer Permissions for an External User Group
User Manager Administration
Connect to the User Manager
Adding External Users
Start and Stop the User Manager Server
User Manager Properties File
Reset the User Manager Server to All Defaults
Reflection for Secure IT Server Configuration
Configure Access to Files and Directories
Set File Upload and Download Permissions
Customize Group and User Settings
Set up File Transfer Auditing
Transfer Client Administration
Connect to the Transfer Client
Start and Stop the Transfer Client Web Server
Customize the Look of the Transfer Client Web Pages
The Web Server Properties File
Certificate Management
Server Certificates
Replace the Default Server Certificate
Using the keytool Utility to Manage Certificates
The keytool Utility
Import a PKCS#12 File into a Java Keystore
Generate a Key Pair and Keystore
Create and Submit a Certificate Signing Request
Import the CA Certificate into your Keystore
Add an Untrusted Certificate to your Browser
Transfer Troubleshooting
The Browser Cannot Display the Web Page
Login Fails at the Transfer Client Login Page
Transfer Client Login Succeeds but the Server Connection Fails
Server Connection Succeeds but Transfer Fails
Managing Text File Line Endings
Log Files
Supplemental Administrative Topics
Security Recommendations
Changing the JRE