Reset the User Manager Server to All Defaults

The User Manager installs a reset batch file that you can use to reset the User Manager and all user data to the original shipping state. Running this batch file has the following effects:

  • Restores the original "admin" user with the default password "secret."
  • Deletes all user data


Caution: Resetting the User Manager removes all user data. Use this option only to clear the data after testing or if you cannot access the server with any available credentials and understand that existing data will be lost.

To reset the User Manager and user database to the original state

  1. Navigate to UserManager\bin in the Web Edition installation folder. The default location is:

    C:\Program Files\Attachmate\RSecureWebEdition\UserManager\bin

  2. Double-click the reset file:


    A command window opens and you'll see a prompt asking if you want to reset the User Manager to its initial state.

  3. Press Y.
  4. Start the User Manager server.
  5. Connect to the User Manager and log in using "admin" and "secret". You'll be prompted to change your password.